Drupal is one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) written in PHP.

Creating first drupal site

#1 Download drupal from http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/drupal-6.17.tar.gz

#2 untar the file [for unix/linux OS -> tar -zxvf ]

#3 get the link in browser (localhost/<path to drupal folder>)

eg: localhost/drupal/drupal-6.17/

* If this is showing something like “Headers alredy sent in includes/install.inc”,

in includes/install.inc, on top add this function; ob_start(); (Just ignore all the deprecated messages if shown)

Now we would be able to see the first screen. Just follow all the instructions that is shown in the UI. Drupal supports both mysql and mysqli.

#4 Follow the instructions listed

Once the setup is complete, you would be landing in the admin area.

Log out the account

Please Note: Story entry (like blog entries, posts in WP) is automatically featured on the site’s initial home page, and provides the ability to post comments; where as we Pages does not tolerate comments by default.

How to go to admin area ?

As in the case of WordPress and Joomla, Drupal do not have separate login interface for admin and normal users. First in the home page login with admin login details. After successful login, if the user one with administrative privilege, ‘Administrator’ link will be there in the menu, or you can now directly proceed to admin area by adding ‘/admin’ to the url.

Key Terms

While working with drupal, there are some key terms that we come across more frequently. They are;

    • Version


To get the version on running drupal, login in administrator and proceed as;

 Administrator >> Reports >> Status Report 

if this fails, goto;

 Administrator >> Logs >> Status Report 

[for drupal 5.x]

There are some other options too to get the version. Go for CHANGELOG.txt in the doc root of drupal. This has version no of running drupal. Also there is a file names system.module, open this and in one of the top lines there would the version as say;

define('VERSION', '5.5');

To get the version of Module or theme, proceed as;

 Administer >> Site building >> Modules 


Administer >> Site building >> Themes

Site Building in Drupal

Changing a drupal theme

Navigate to

Administer >> Site building >> Themes

Here we can see the list of all installed themes. Choose a design of your interest from the list. Now click on ‘Enable’ checkbox. Again click on ‘Default’ radio button. Click the ‘Save configuration’ button below. Our drupal theme has now been changed.

Adding a new theme

Inorder to have a drupal theme of our interest, we need to wither develop a new theme or search for one and download it.

Drupal themes are available for download. Make sure that you are downloading themes that are suitable for your drupal version. Since themes for 5.x dont work for 6.x etc. Download and extract the files to /themes/ folder. Then in admin are goto Administer >> Site building >> Themes

Then select the new added theme to be default.

Modules in Drupal :