ionCube is an efficient tool used to protect files by encrypting files. Here we will see how to install the ionCube loader, used to load the encrypted files, in linux. You can have more details on ionCube from

*Note : Before starting you need to ensure;

  1. You have root access in shell.
  2. Take phpinfo and confirm you don’t have modules named ionCube Loader

Installing ionCube Loader:

1, Download the loader files from
Better to download tar files.

2, Move the tar file to /tmp. untar the file. [tar -zvxf ]

3, Copy the file loader-wizard.php from the folder ioncube to your document root.
Now open this file in your browser.

4, This is the starting point for the installtion guide.
The output would be something like;

Analysis of your system configuration shows:
PHP Version X.X.X
Operating System Linux
Threaded PHP ___
php.ini file etc….

This may show some errors in red on top. To solve the issue, do the following modifications;

  • a, Copy the folder ioncube, the one we had untared into a safe location.
    I suggest /usr/location/
  • b, Second issue will be something related with the zend extension. To solve this we need to edit our php.ini file.
    You can see the solution to all issues in the page itself.
  • c, Edit the php.ini file. Add the line “zend_extension = /usr/local/ioncube/”
    Note you can generate a same php.ini file with the correct values from the page itself.
  • d, Save php.ini and restart the web server.
  • e, Now to test the working, click on the link given in the page, shown when taking the file loader-wizard.php.
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