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GIT is one of the commonly used DVCS (Distributed Version Control System) on a days. I had checked a lot on  how to work with GIT. You can get a lot of tutorials on how to use GIT, but for me it was tough to get sometime like a step-by-step method on creating, listing and commit back. I was only used to with SVN, which differs from GIT on a large scale !!

So here I would like to explain on how to set up, configure and use GIT to function normally as with SVN.

First download GIT from the website, http://git-scm.com/downloads

Make sure that you use the latest version.

Note : I am explaining on how to setup GIT in windows platform. Working on linux is mush more easy for a developer.

One you have GIT downloaded, setup using the UI of windows itself. Once everything is complete, to make sure the installation was a success, do the following;

– Open the command prompt.

– Type >> git –help

This should list possible git commands.

Once this is complete, please proceed with the registration in git website; https://github.com. Once the registration is complete, please do remember to register your email id.

The next process is to create a new repo in the website. The steps are pretty simple as you can see the link to do the same straight away. Once the repo is created, you should be able to see the details of the repo.

Next main part is to set the public key in the website. Click on the settings link and then from the left menu, chose the key section. There will not be any public key added, so click on adding new key. Now we need to get the public key. For this open your application in your local machine. Get the location of .ssh file. This should normally be in c:/Users/<$user>/.ssh