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To start with learning WordPress theme creation, it is better to follow the following steps;

. Move to the theme folder, wp-content/themes/

. Copy an existing theme folder and paste it. Rename the new folder to the new theme.

. Now you can see your new theme being detected at the admin side. But the theme name and the details are not yours.

. Go to the new theme folder; wp-content/themes/<new theme>/

. The style.css holds the theme information which are being read by WordPress.

. Open the file, style.css; wp-content/themes/<new theme>/style.css

. The first part of the commented section is where we need to edit.


Theme Name: My Theme
Theme URI: https://johngcek.wordpress.com
Author: John Varghese
Author URI: https://johngcek.wordpress.com/
Description: This is the theme created for testing themes, plugin, wp functions etc…
Version: 1.0