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Major Releases and Features of Drupal

   Drupal project was started in 2000 by a student, Dries Buytaert in Belgium. Even though the code was originally designed for the site drop.org, the source code was released in 2001 as drupal.

Drupal Releases and Modifications

Drupal 4.7

   Released on → May 1 2006

   Features –

      Auto complete forms
      Multiple block regions
      Free Tagging
      Aggregator enhancements

Drupal 5.0

   Released on → January 15 2007

   Features –

      Web based installer
      Updated admin panel
      URL filtering
      Custom content types

Drupal 6.0

   Released on → February 13 2008

   Features –

     OpenID support
     Localization features
     Actions and triggers
     Drag-n-Drop admin

Drupal 7.0

   Released on → January 5 2011

   Features –

      Improved image handling
      More secure scheduling tasks.